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    Do you mind if we deliver faster than you expect?

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e.l.zepf - Medical Technology

Who is this all about?

Not about us. Definitely not. We are just enablers who have your back. As a sparring partner in development. As a reliable contract manufacturer from batch size 1. We don't have to hide. And yet we do. Because we concentrate on what we do best: implants, custom-made products and surgical instruments for ENT, orthopedics, traumatology and spine. At the end of the day some of our products have your name on it. You can't get more motivation than that.

We stick to our word.

Innovation cycles in medical technology are becoming shorter. The market needs new solutions. Quality on demand is required for implants and surgical instruments for opening, spreading and holding. We feel right at home with these demands. For decades, we have been supplying this custom-made work for prototypes and small series. Quality level: Made in Germany. Small to smallest parts at the highest possible precision. Delivered as ordered. Exactly on the date we had agreed. A matter of course for us. We keep our word.
Medizintechnik für HNO
The production of special instruments for ENT surgery requires the interaction ...
Medizintechnik für Implantologie
As a contract manufacturer, we produce implants according to your specific requirements and specification ...
Medizintechnik für Traumatologie
Our instruments are ready to hand in the operating rooms of this world. The demands from the field of ...
Medizintechnik für Orthopädie
When it comes to orthopedic instruments, our customers benefit from many decades of ...
Medizintechnik für Wirbelsäule
Manual work - that is the common denominator at the operating table and workbench. Hand instruments in particular ...
Medizintechnik für Spezialzwecke
A challenge from the outside. From our point of view as a contract manufacturer a supreme discipline ...

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