Seen from the outside, a challenge. From our point of view as a contract manufacturer, a supreme discipline. The more specific the requirements, the more exciting from the perspective of our team. You are always welcome with individual requirements. Nothing is impossible.

Custom-made products are nothing special at all with us. You will notice this not only in the reliability of the deadline and quality. But also in the price. The price is pleasantly ordinary. Because the team is well-rehearsed and the processes are in place, we manufacture at a very good price/performance ratio.

To be more specific, here are a few keywords: Larynx Advanced Retractor System, FKWO TORS Laryngo-Pharyngoscope retractor, robot-assisted surgery. Individual tasks cut across all medical specialties. If you want them solved well, you are very likely to become our regular customer.

For the conversion into instruments, implants and other surgical aids, e.l.zepf has expert advisors to whom the requirements do not have to be explained at length. For example, we are often asked to develop special instruments for existing implants.

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